Here at Wistful Vistas I share old-time radio-related content that doesn’t fit with my books or articles. It includes many pictures that I come across that, for a variety of reasons, won’t be included with any of my publications.

I am a full-time public school teacher so old-time radio research and writing is my hobby. It tends to get finished in chunks when I have downtime throughout the year. I’m scheduling posts way ahead of time in the hope that Wistful Vistas will continue to feature new posts throughout the year, even during periods when I don’t have time to write new content.

More information about my work can be found at my website.

I also post items of interest on the Old Time Radio Researchers‘ Facebook group page.

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  1. Martin Dunne

    Dear Ryan Ellett,
    Intrigued by your mention of George Kelting, He played the Television Ghost and other roles for W2XAB television in 1931-3. I’m pleased to find more on his radio career, and he may have been a sketch artist. He says he was in America (1924) and I see Don Carney was also in both Main Street Sketches and that DW Griffith film.

    Do you know more on George Kelting or his manager Minnie Webster?

    George Frame Brown and His Real Folks, Pt. 8
    – George Kelting, another series performer, was represented by Minnie Webster who in 1929 was negotiating with various film companies to get Kelting into some shorts.

    The Billboard, 24 August 1929.
    Kelting for Shorts
    NEW YORK. Aug. 19—George Kelting, formerly In pictures and now well known over the radio thru his broadcasting. Is in negotiation thru Minnie Webster, his agent, with several companies for the production of sound shorts.
    For a long time Kelting was a part of Main Street Sketches, popular hour on the radio. Tonight Kelting, who Is well known as a harmonica artist, broadcasts over WMCA on the Stephens Musical Aristocrats’ Hour.


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